Our Golden Opportunity

Many of you know what our students have had to endure regarding No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Far from the origins of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, which was designed to help close the resource gap between schools in affluent communities and schools in communities of poverty More…


The Opt Out End Game

NEA fully supports parents and supports our affiliates who take a stand against tests that serve no educational purpose. More…


Save the plane fare to Finland. Go to Montana!

I am a fanatic for Finland, the Land of Common Sense and Good Schools that rejects Toxic Testing, privatization and de-professionalism. But it’s expensive to visit. And you need a passport. And it’s really cold. I have a suggestion. Drive to Helena, Montana. More…


NCLB: Our students Should not Have to Wait any Longer

We all know that 12 years under a broken No Child Left Behind system has failed students and schools by neglecting to close the achievement and opportunity gaps as promised. Our students, especially those most in need, should not have to wait any longer. More…

Orlando Sentinel

When will Toxic Testing End? When a Child is Dying? Not Always

What happened to Andrea Rediske and her son Ethan will break your heart, and illustrate the callous absurdity of high stakes toxic testing. I had the privilege of meeting her and sharing her story. (We actually met through this blog!) It is time to take action! Join us: Time to Teach, Time to Learn